Our Kennels, Corrals, and Stalls

Yellowstone, like other National Parks, does not welcome pets with open arms!

The National Park Service's "Rules Regarding Pets in Yellowstone" specifically states:
    "pets are prohibited in the backcountry
  and on trails and boardwalks ..."

                "pets may accompany you in the front country ...
  (but) must be kept under physical control at all times -
  caged, crated, or on a leash not to exceed six feet ..."

Not surprisingly, therefore, most park visitors prefer to leave their pets somewhere before exploring the beauty of Yellowstone.

For Yellowstone visitors with dogs and horses, we offer convenient, attractive, and economical solutions.


We provide clean, safe, spacious, and secure indoor dog kennels. As our guests, you are welcome to use these kennels when you wamt to leave your pet behind.

Some guests prefer to leave their pet in the guest house, while others are more comfortable using a kennel space. We encourage guests to leave their own bedding, dishes, and food with their kenneled pets. Please note that the kennels are big enough to keep two pets together, but they are not heated.

Indoor Kennels


Corrals and Stalls

For guests travelling with horses, we have clean, safe, spacious, and secure corrals and stalls available. Moreover, our indoor arena makes equestrian pursuits possible all year long. Pictures of some of our corrals and stalls are shown below.

The charge for boarding horses is $10. per day per horse, which includes quality hay. Group rates are reasonably adjusted.

Stalls Corrals



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